Our luxurious handknits in collaboration with Augden, a contemporary and eco-friendly knitwear line, combine only the highest-quality alpaca wool with traditional knitting techniques.

Committed to keeping traditional craftsmanship alive, each SMYTHE x Augden sweater is hand-knit by indigenous Incan artisans using alpaca yarns sourced locally from the Andes Mountains.

Augden interprets our designs so the end result is a true collaboration. These talented women are able to showcase their incredible skills while also earning a living that enables financial independence and the ability to support large, extended families.

Alpaca wool is one of the most ethically sourced materials available. Alpaca farming has minimal impact on its environment and is a renewable, sustainable economy. In addition to being softer, warmer and more durable than sheep wool, alpaca yarn is also biodegradable.

We’re proud to play our part in helping preserve centuries-old craft; empowering a community of women while creating sustainable design.