Our suiting is designed to bolster confidence in its wearer. This does not
only include the most considered placement of seams, darts, and closures but,
equally, the comfort and ease of movement. We know firsthand that what you
physically put on affects how you mentally show up. We live it every. single.

The more stories shared with us by the incredible women who wear our
clothes, the more dedicated we are to making collections that consistently
deliver in the moments that matter.

We’ve created a new, exclusive capsule Collection of precisely tailored,
seasonless suits. Constructed in a compact stretch, non-wool, power fabric
designed to keep everything cool, even under pressure.  

This new SMYTHEHOUSE Collection is intended to be coordinated, mixed, and
matched with multiple blazer and pant options and combinations that flatter,
and highlight the wearer in every possible way.

We asked these SMYTHE Women to share some insight into their personal style,
how they’ve evolved, and how they conjure up confidence in life’s critical
fashion moments.

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Sarah Clary

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Lana Oglivie

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Lisa Ing Marinelli

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Trudy Crane & Chloe Crane-Leroux

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